This is a sad day for us. Today, our employees lost jobs they have enjoyed for over 20 years and Poway just lost 60 years of history.  StoneRidge has gone through several bankruptcies over the last 15 years and despite a few restructurings has continued to require substantial financial subsidies from ownership to remain open for the public’s enjoyment.  We envisioned the passage of Measure A as the first step towards a permanent solution that would keep StoneRidge open.

Unfortunately, the people of Poway have decided to permanently seal its fate.  This is now out of our hands.  When the City and community appears with a viable solution, we will listen.  Until then, the entire facility will be locked up and fenced for the foreseeable future, the golf course will vanish, and the City will suffer economic and property value loss from this black hole in the community.  We, as well as the community are saddened by this outcome.  We want to sincerely thank the members of Poway Open Space for working with us toward avoiding this day and this absolute decision, unfortunately our sincere efforts came up short.

-Ownership Statement, November 8th, 2017